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The course project is a type of educational paper of students of educational institutions of various levels of accreditation, in the form of a research report. Most often, theoretical paper of a theoretical nature is written in the 2-3rd year, and research paper in the 4th-5th year.

Theoretical course paper

It is abstract in nature. It is devoted to the analysis of literature sources on the topic of research. This paper includes the following algorithm: selection of research topics, selection of literature sources, their analysis and writing the text of course paper. The important thing here is a competent description of the facts and patterns that have already been identified. Often theoretical coursework is the basis for writing a practical coursework with research. The volume of theoretical course paper is from 20 to 35 pages; it can consist of 1-3 sections (chapters). The number of sources used in it is from 15 to 40.

Practical course paper

Practical course paper is of a research nature. A mandatory element in it is the analysis of the problem using an example of a specific situation (development of a social support program, improvement of personnel management methods based on a certain enterprise, analysis of phraseological units of a certain novel or cycle of works of some author, etc.). The volume of such paper is from 30 to 40 pages. Time for writing should be set aside from 7 days.

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